Looking for a Decent Taco

Indianapolis Review (2019)

Stealing Twinkies and Meeting the In-laws

Indystar Storytellers event (2018)

Shame and Loathing in Academia:

Transformation Journal of Pedagogy UPENN (2019)

The Indianapolis Anthology

“This is Dogtown” poem included in the Indianapolis Anthology (2020)

“I was Raised a Good Protestant Girl”

First Literary Review East (2019)
“And I’m not the only sinner with Saint on the brain Leonard Cohen wrote poems in fever dreams of Katerine Tekakwitha…”

Brown Bitch

Red Wheelbarrow Poets POW2 collection 2017

Featured Artist

Indianapolis Review (2018)

Dumb Ewe

Red Wheelbarrow Poets (2017)
“She had given him more than even a wife.
He sold her children or ate them, he stole their milk…”


Rogue Agent Journal (2018)
“bovine and ruminant chewing the same cud as every other cocksucker out there…”

This Time Around

Red Wheelbarrow Poets (2017)
“hungry enough to smoke the neighbors cigarette butts, piled in their front porch ashtray, for dinner-even then I didn’t sell it.”

“The Practice of a Progressive Faith” a sermon on race and welcome.


Red Wheelbarrow Poets (2017)